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Real Estate Web Site Development

Specialised Virtual Tours of Real EstateVirtual Tours - 3D Panoramic View of Real Estate
If you are not currently using IPIX’s Virtual Homes and would like to start, LCH Technologies wants to get you started. It usually takes one phone call to get the account set up and schedule the appointment to film a property.
IPIX videographers do all the footwork and then let you know when it is ready. You get to choose the property’s best features and most tours include four different areas. Additional scenes can also be purchased. Next, you decide where you’d like to market your IPIX Virtual Tour link.

IPIX gives you two links for free, with one being on IPIX and another being on one of your choice. LCH Technologies recommends using MSN’s Homeadvisor, as RE/MAX already has a national agreement established and unlike all services are FREE!

Contact for information on implementing virtual tours on your web site.

3D Virtual ToursIPIX Virtual Tours Recommended by LCH Technologies, LLC

Click Here or on the camera to see a Sample Virtual Tour Click the Camera to see a Virtual Tour


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So just fill out THIS FORM and tell us what type of website &/or logo you are interested in, and we will start from there!

It is our philosophy to have excellent customer relations and to develop a website you love, so you will be able to tell your friends good things about us!!

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